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The Specialised Information Service for Mobility and Transport Research (FID move) has been set up by the Saxon State and University Library Dresden (SLUB) and the German National Library of Science and Technology in Hanover (TIB) since 2018 as part of the DFG funding programme "Specialised Information Services".

The aim of the FID move is to develop and expand services and online tools in close cooperation with the mobility and transport research community in order to support researchers throughout their entire research cycle.

The following topics are the key offers and activities of the FID move:


The services offered by FID move are constantly being improved and further developed. Relevant information, open research tools and information services are accessible regardless of location.


Offers of the FID move

Specialist Information

Optimising interdisciplinary research
A newly developed research module offers a convenient way to search for subject-relevant sources. The current beta version is being constantly updated to include new data sources and functionalities.

Improving the supply of literature with focus on Open Access (OA)
The FID move promotes and supports the Open Access approach within the mobility and transport research community. This improves the supply of literature with scientific full texts. For this purpose, our team at FID move provide specific information and consulting services on publishing in OA. In addition to existing OA platforms, the FID move offers its own OA repository for scientifically relevant special literature and supports the founding and operation of new OA journal. Furthermore, the FID move offers researchers access to licensed content, such as the Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board.


Research Data

Improving the accessibility of reusable research data
The development of a research data repository is going to increase the accessibility of reusable research. Furthermore, the strategic orientation of resarch data management in the fields of mobility and transport will be discussed as broadly as possible in workshops and other exchange formats.


Research Networks

Supporting networking and collaboration in research
Our online tool Mobility Compass is designed to provide researchers with a general overview of the personal, thematic and geographical networks in their field of research and to make subject-specific networks more accessible. This enables new opportunities for connecting with experts in the academic and non-academic scientific community. The Mobility Compass simplifies time-consuming research and networking activities and allows new approaches in the structure of the research landscape.


DFG funding programme: "Specialised Information Services"

The FID move is part of the Deutschen Forschungsgesellschaft (DFG) funding programme: "Specialised Information Services". The programme is a further development of the special collections of academic libraries (Sondersammelgebiete wissenschaftlicher Bibliotheken) that have been established in Germany since 1949. Since 2016 the programm has been opened to all libraries that are interested in supporting subjects or regions that were not previously represented. In close cooperation with the scientific community, the specialised information services (Fachinformationsdienste) develop consulting services and service offers based on the needs of researchers.


Cooperation with FIDs and NFDIs