Research Data

Any kind of generated research data using methods such as digitisation, source research, experiments, measurements, surveys or interviews, are the basis for all kind of scientific work. In particular in times of electromobility and structural change, mobility and transport research is dependent on high-quality and quantitative research data. The importance of research data is constantly increasing, especially considering eScience and Big Data. Depending on the project and research field, a wide variety of requirements have to be met for the management of often digital research data: Starting with suitable preparation of the data for publication and generation of good metadata, to searching and selecting an appropriate repository, to the determination of a suitable use licence. All this poses completely new challenges to the scientific community, but at the same time opens up new opportunities for researchers and their scientific work.


What can we do for you?

Our team at FID move aims to support researchers in mobility and transport research with a comprehensive range of advice and information on research data. This includes not only topics such as research data management and associated issues, but also problems associated with finding and using subject-specific and relevant research data. In short: We are your contact for all questions concerning research data in mobility and transport research!  You can reach us by email at or by phone at +49 511 762-14140.