search terms and phrases


Search terms consist of one or more words. If the words are not combined with a Boolean operator (see below), search terms will be linked by AND by default.

Example: traffic flow

This search query will show all data sets containing the terms "traffic" and "flow" (also synonyms).

Search phrases are enclosed with quotation marks.

Example: "traffic flow"

This search query will only show data sets containing the precise words in that order "traffic flow".


Boolean operators and Brackets


You can use the Boolean operators AND, OR and NOT (in capital letters) in your search query. If you want to use several operators, you will have to use brackets to logically seperate each search term.

Example: (mobility OR transport) AND research AND NOT e-mobility

This search query will show all data sets containing either "mobility" or "transport" and always containing "research" but never containing "e-mobility".


Wildcard characters and Placeholders


You can modify your search terms with wildcard characters such as asterisks (*) and questionmarks (?). A questionmark is used as a placeholder for one letter. An asterisks can be interpreted as a number of literal characters or an empty string. Wildcard characters can be combined and used several times in a search term. However, they cannot be used in search phrases.

Example: c?t

This search query will show data sets containing words such as "cut" or "cat" and more.

Example: laser*

This search query will show data sets containing words starting with "laser" or including "laser".


Advanced search


In the advanced search, the four indices search term, author, title and numbers can be searched individually or in combination. Search phrases, Boolean operators and wildcards are used in the same way as in the Basic Search. The index fields of the Advanced Search are linked with AND.

  • The index Search term contains title, abstract, author name, numbers.
  • The index Author contains Author (complete work) and Author (essay) as well as terms from Other participants.
  • The index Title contains the title of the complete work or the title of the article.
  • The index Numbers contains ISBN, ISSN, report number, funding code and codes.